AeroInsta is a modified app on Instagram, that allows users to download photos, videos, and reel videos to their mobile devices. Additionally, the application allows users to hide typing information, message reading information, and more to protect their privacy. A great feature of this modified app is that you can also download stories.

Also, you can download all the content without any hassle. These include stories, IGTV videos, Reel videos, and any other piece of content. If it’s something you can watch and enjoy, you may go ahead and download it.

Now, you also can maintain your privacy. This means, when you see someone’s story, they won’t need to know. Also, when you have read someone’s message, they will not be notified with a visible popup. Additionally, if you start typing on a direct message, it won’t even show up on the other person’s screen. You are 100% safe and your privacy is maintained.

Essential Blocks Advanced HeadingAeroInsta APK

AeroInsta apk is a third-party app. The app is not affiliated with Instagram but can be linked to Instagram accounts after download. Download AeroInsta does its best to improve your Instagram user experience by removing unnecessary ads, hiding Instagram Stories, and improving privacy settings.

Users are given tools to customize the look of their Instagram profiles. Before the login process, users will need to select a color from 10 available colors. As time progresses, more colors will be added, increasing the user’s color options.

The Aeroinsta app allows you to fast-forward and rewind Instagram videos. If you find a video interesting and don’t want to watch the entire video, you can forward it by just tapping a button. Similarly, if you forget or don’t understand something in the video, you can easily rewind it and watch that part again. Download Aeroinsta app allows you to enable and disable the autoplay of videos using the app at your comfort and convenience.

AeroInsta  Latest version download

In this version, you can hide viewed stories and direct messages. You can also hide your online Instagram activity like typing status and your online status. Aeroinsta Download allows you to view and download display images in HD quality. If you want to download the profile picture of your friend or someone else, you can download it in high quality. This feature is not available on the Instagram app but with Aeroinsta app download you can access and download any user’s display picture in seconds.

Main Features of AeroInsta

This is the best option for users who don’t want to be seen in public. Delete your previously viewed messages, and the stories option is available.

Autoplay video mode

Sometimes while scrolling the Aeroinsta app, you may want to see a video highlight. This short highlight helps you play this video, or you can scroll down. You can switch between on and off. So, turn this option on. This will help you see the highlights of the video. click on the “Camera” option in the upper right corner.

Design and user experience

The app offers a diverse array of themes, allowing users to imbue their Instagram experience with personalization and aesthetic appeal. The combination of advanced features and customization options significantly enhances the overall user experience.


Privacy is the main concern of users of all these social media platforms. Not everyone wants to record their private data in these apps. The Instagram analytics feature has access to record user data. Users can hide their posts, messages, and photos from anyone they want. With this, you can hide your Instagram usage from others.

Click and hold to zoom

Many users want to see clear pictures of anyone. Most applications do not allow the user to do this. You can view any post with full-image content on a large screen. You can zoom in and out as much as possible on any image with your fingers.

Download Reels

After TikTok, Instagram Reels are the latest trend on social media. There are many reels that you like and want to download to share with your friends and family, but you can’t download them because Instagram doesn’t have a download feature. Download this amazing app from our web.

Download stories

Now you can also download stories from any profile or account. The beauty of this app is that the quality of this story is HD and you can use it to republish or reshare in excellent quality.

Latest update

Developers often release new updates to correct the virus, increase performance, and introduce new features. Recent features and security fixes can only be allowed to maintain a regular update schedule for the app.

Share and save high-quality photos, and videos

Allows you to download your favorite images or your favorite images while surfing on your machine without any restrictions very easily. Each picture will have different state lines that are your thoughts and feelings. So you can share photos or videos and write your thoughts easily on Aeronista’s inner platform. The app also can set privacy while sharing photos or videos without any hassle.

Disable audio playback

If someone just wants to watch videos and doesn’t like to listen to the music of that video. This app allows its users to play with this beautiful feature. This is the best feature because the Insta official app does not allow users to do this. So, enjoy this amazing feature.

Additional Features

  • Photos in full quality – the possibility to uncompress your photos when you use Instagram.
  • Stories can be shared without cropping to the screen width, so there’s no need to resize them.
  • With the in-app browser, you can set the links you tap on Instagram to open through the browser installed on your device, rather than from within the app itself.
  • If you select this option, you will be able to remove black borders from your stories.
  • By triple tapping on any post, you will be able to download the image to your device by triple-tapping the post.
  • Ability to disable auto-skipping of stories – Ability to turn off auto-skipping of stories on a web page.
  • When you turn on Hide ADS, many regular and shopping ads will be hidden in your stories and your feed
  • Media Always Show First – When a post has more than one media, it will always show the first media.
  • The ability to swipe left or right to open the camera or swipe left or right to open a DM is an essential function within the app.
  • Aero Insta is safe and secure and your Instagram account will be safe too, nothing will happen to it.

Advantages of AeroInsta

  • You can enable/disable video autoplay in video settings.
  • It allows you to find out if a user follows you by visiting their profile. This way, you can know whether they are following you or not.
  • If you tap long enough, you’ll be able to view any post with image content in full-screen mode. When you’re viewing full-screen posts, you can also zoom in and out as much as you want using finger gestures.
  • You can hide posts you’ve previously liked and un-liked posts.
  • By double-tapping, you can enable or disable the ability to like content.

How to install Aeroinsta?

  • Find security or privacy options.
  • Here, it allows you to install apps from all unknown sources.
  • Now, come to our website and click on the download link.
  • wait a few seconds Download the APK file.
  • Go to file manager and click on file.
  • Click Install and continue the process.
  • Now open this amazing app and enjoy it

AeroInsta For PC

You can easily get this latest version of AeroInsta apk Download on your PC.  You can send a message that you can receive, send a voice message, and make a video or audio call. Bluestack is one of the popular emulators that I recommend every time you use Android apps and games. To install Download AeroInsta apk on your PC you need to follow these steps carefully:

  •  First, you need to download the Bluestack emulator from our web.
  •  Now follow the easy installation instructions and install it on your PC.
  • Then, download AeroInsta  APK from our site on your PC.
  • Open the Bluestack Emulator and wait a few seconds.
  • After installing it, go back to the home screen and double-click on the AeroInsta latest version icon to start using it on your PC.


Is AeroInsta APK safe to use?

The security of AeroInsta depends on the source from which you download it. always the latest app available on our web. this app is safe and secure.

 Is there any subscription required to use Aero Insta APK?

 there is no subscription. Also, you don’t need to pay any money to use Aero Insta APK.


Aeroinsta APK is one of the best image and video downloading applications among all other video and image downloading apps. This application is available in many different modes. Dark and Night Mode themes are also available. This is the best-updated version of the install. Apart from just viewing Instagram profiles, you can do many more things on it. Audio effects on videos and posts with the help of this application will sound good and you will never have any problem with this application.

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